Artistic direction

VIOLAINE FOURNIER, artistic director

As an opera singer, actress, author and director, playing music and singing are at the heart of my artistic life and my creations.
Maybe because it is what has shaped me since I went to the Conservatoire and won piano and singing awards. For sure also because it's a language that's been with me since I was very young.

"The voice is the reflection of the soul", said Plato. From my point of view, I think that it is an emotional and sensory medium that allows us, in a performance, to 'pierce' the spectator's representations and to address that part of humanity that we all share, to open ourselves up to something intimate, large, poetic, different.

The children can do it without any filter, and the inner child of the adult knows how to find the way back to it. According to that, I put my attention on creating shows that are accessible to all audiences, including children : it is my idea of a show for young audience.

In addition to dramaturgy and direction for Cie Minute Papillon, I collaborate as an opera librettist with composers such as Isabelle Aboulker, Graciane Finzi, Julien le Hérisssier, Mark Withers, and I create numerous participatory shows for institutions such as Insula Orchestra, Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and the Opera de Paris.

As a music therapist trained at the University in Paris, I am always particularly awared of audiences who are away from culture. 

I also like to design workshops as a space of creative and human experiences, above repertory transmission.