Who are we?

The Company Minute Papillon is a classical singing company. Its speciality is to offer original creations filled with centuries of opera as well as the vitality of contemporary creations. Each project is a confluence between artistic strictness and personal requirement and desire of the collaborating artists. Our shows relate stories that widen the imagination and the subconscious through the poetic power of music and voice. They are carried by singing, acting, moving, sharing artists... and are imagined to be accessible to everybody: children and adults, opera houses and small theatres. Our projects associate well-known artists and young talents, to give them the opportunity to experiment and express themselves. Our support teams are fully integrated in to the dynamic of the projects. Beyond performances, we choose to commit ourselves strongly in artistic mediation through workshops. Each year, more than 15 000 people discover our creations and 2000 to 4500 attend our workshops.