Lyrical and spicy concert for little and big gourmets!

A lyrical and ludic show for all from 4 years old.

Two cooks have a new mission: prepare the restaurant’s Menu. But more than chefs, they are musicians, in love with rhythms, melodies and above everything: opera!

In their hands, the kitchen tools become music instruments: the oven rack transforms into a harp, the pan into a bass... to cook by itself or joyfully cook up the great melodies of Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Rossini or Bizet with a sauce rap, jazzy or music of the world!

An all audience show from 7 years old


In her family house’s attic, Laura founds some objects that belonged to her ancestors who used to be musicians coming from countries around the Mediterranean Sea. From one object to the other, from one story to the other, from one century to the other, a wire is going to weave : leave, travel, arrive, adapt, construct...Between circus and music, between reality and imagination, The Taste of Olives tells the story of migration, from uprooting to rooting. A poetic and playfull journey played by a singer, a circus artist, a cellist and a oudist-percussionnist.

Label Sacem young audience in Avignon (2021)

A moment of visual and musical poetry to be shared with the family.

By Violaine Fournier and Cyrille Louge


What if music was a way of listening to the world?

Water streams, wind blows, fire crackles, footsteps resonate on earth... The world surrounding us rustles, vibrates, sings, as well as the amazing musical fruit in the center of this show. Three musician singers are going to open it, feel it, taste it and play with it gradually, as a way of (re)experiencing together the beginning of life. An awakening inspired by Mozart, Bach, Landi, Rossini... A moment of visual and musical poetry to be shared with the family.