The Taste of Olives

An all audience show from 7 years old


In her family house’s attic, Laura founds some objects that belonged to her ancestors who used to be musicians coming from countries around the Mediterranean Sea. From one object to the other, from one story to the other, from one century to the other, a wire is going to weave : leave, travel, arrive, adapt, construct...Between circus and music, between reality and imagination, The Taste of Olives tells the story of migration, from uprooting to rooting. A poetic and playfull journey played by a singer, a circus artist, a cellist and a oudist-percussionnist.

Label Sacem young audience in Avignon (2021)   

The press opinion about this show:

"We like it a lot" - TT Telerama

"It's simply beautiful and sensitive!" - Vaucluse Matin

"The Taste of Olives:full of happiness... A breath of tenderness, optimism and tolerance, a humanist reflection on our roots." - Hope Radio

Artistic team

Violaine Fournier, stage director

Francesca Bonato, choregraph

Sandrine Lamblin, scenograph

Angélique Bourcet, lights creation

Alice Touvet, costumes design

Gabriele Alessandrini, video maker


Lyrical artist : Flore Fruchart

Circus Artist : Cécile Robin

Musician : Stéphane Zubanu Diarra




Tour manager

Emmanuelle Dandrel

+33 6 62 16 98 27


Affiche : Clémence Pollet / Atelier Commun

Photos : Gabriele Alessandrini


Co-production : Villes de Boulogne Billancourt et Viroflay

Support for creation : Adami, Spedidam, Villes d'Issy les Moulineaux, Boulogne Billancourt, Viroflay, Aubervilliers, Ablis, Sèvres, Marly le Roi, Région Ile de France, #laSacemSoutient