The Cook Opera!

Lyrical and spicy concert for little and big gourmets!

A lyrical and ludic show for all from 4 years old.

Two cooks have a new mission: prepare the restaurant’s Menu. But more than chefs, they are musicians, in love with rhythms, melodies and above everything: opera!

In their hands, the kitchen tools become music instruments: the oven rack transforms into a harp, the pan into a bass... to cook by itself or joyfully cook up the great melodies of Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Rossini or Bizet with a sauce rap, jazzy or music of the world!

Artistic team

Conception et direction artistique  : Violaine Fournier

Mise en scène : Cyrille Louge

Instruments : Jean-Luc Priano

Arrangements : Jean Luc Priano et Stéphane Zubanu Diarra


Stéphane Zubanu Diarra, musicien

Violaine Fournier, chanteuse lyrique 

The press opinion about this show

« A real musico-culinary choregraphy, given by two artists full of energy and talent... »

« A great show ! Opera is for young people too ! »

« A delicious trip on different rhythms that colours great composers with an original shade. No need to be a music expert to appreciate this receipe-show, we end up full and with a melody on the lips." »




Tour manager

Alexandra Gontard
Derviche diffusion
06 62 41 95 51 / 06 10 58 42 96


Photos : Cyrille Louge 


Co-productions: Festival Lyrique International d'Aix en Provence; Festival Tous en Sons
Soutiens : Centre Culturel Jean Vilar de Marly-le-Roi, Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux; SACEM Sales Mômes, Centre National de la Musique 

Le spectacle La Cuisine Musicale fait partie des spectacles proposés dans le cadre du projet Avignon 2023 enfants à l'honneur coordonné par Scènes d'enfance - Assitej France"